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Welcome to system- & anlagentechnik holger hertel

Engineering services for water- and exaust air treatment plants. Keeping an eye on the interface between the special fields and finding the best solution - together with the customer.


Tasks should be SMART ...









The level of automation of modern plants is very high and it will become an increasingly important role in the future. Hardly any process  parameters are determined manually and recorded online parameters are  tightly integrated in automated processes. The requirement of personnel is minimized already. That means a positive development from a technical point of view. Manual process steps are required only in exceptional incidents. To ensure this, it is essential that the various disciplines such as mechanical engineering, process engineering and automation are  slidingly connected to each other. These components must be optimally  tuned to each other. Thus, optimal individual solutions are no longer  sufficient, they have also to contribute optimally in their combination  with each other. These general problems and limitations are often not  clear or even unknown. Lack of understanding and communication problems  often lead to an inefficient planning, postponements of time and  increasing costs.

To avoid this it requires multidisciplinary expertise and specific experience in different fields of engineering. Therefore, there is in addition to specialists in the specific areas of an increased need for qualified professionals who understand how to couple optimally to the interfaces between the disciplines. With this collateral will be  created, subsequent orders will be secured and costs will be decreased. Many companies have already recognized this situation, but they can not provide exactly these requirement on their own. Regarding this subjekt we can give support.




- Consulting

- Pilot plants engineering

- Design criteria and calculations

- PLC (S7) and Process-Visualisation (WinCC, WinCC-flexibe)

- Project handling

- Comissioning

- Process optimization (energy- and consumption)

- Trainings

- Documentation

- Explosion prevention and - protection according to BetrSichV guide line §14 1-3 and §15

- Programming Visual Basic-Applications




Regarding the fields of water and exaust air treatment general and special  treatment methods are commonly known to hh system- & anlagentechnik. We can support you in your planning, design, programming, commissioning (... or what ever ...) of acidic, alkaline, alkaline-oxidative combined air scrubbers, regenerative thermal oxidation systems (RTOs),  biocatalytic filters, reactors, UF plants, RO plants, gravel  filters (... or what ever ...). We can assist you and guide you through  your project. Therefore it is the most important, that the targets are met, everyone is satisfied with the performance and the result. The  basis for this must be a fair dealing with each other and mutual  respect.


The company is headed in its status as a sole proprietorship named "hh system- & anlagentechnik holger hertel.

For securing and clarifying operational transactions are governed by the Terms and Conditions drawn up.




Engineering services for water- and exaust air treatment plants

Dipl.- Ing. (FH) Holger Hertel

Von-Eicken-Str. 11

22529 Hamburg

Fon: +49(0)40 69665337

Mobile: +49(0)163 77 95 873

Mail: holger.hertel@hh-anlagentechnik.com

Web: www.hh-anlagentechnik.com

Consulting - Project handling - Comissioning

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